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The Cathedral and the Bazaar : Musings on Linux and Open Source by an Accidental Revolutionary

Raymond, Eric S.

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Texts assigned with The Cathedral and the Bazaar : Musings on Linux and Open Source by an Accidental Revolutionary:

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2 Gone With the Wind
Mitchell, Margaret, 1900-1949
2 End of Millennium
Castells, Manuel, 1942
2 Code Complete
McConnell, Steve, Software Engineer
2 The Power of Identity
Castells, Manuel, 1942
2 The Illustrated Story of Copyright
Samuels, Edward B.
2 Software Engineering : An Object-Oriented Perspective
Braude, Eric J.
2 Introduction to the Personal Software Process
Humphrey, Watts S., 1927
2 The Internet Challenge to Television
Owen, Bruce M.
2 The Emergence of Noopolitik : Toward an American Information Strategy
Arquilla, John
2 The Contingent Object of Contemporary Art
Buskirk, Martha
2 The Rise of the Network Society
Castells, Manuel, 1942
2 Society on the Line : Information Politics in the Digital Age
Dutton, William H., 1947
2 Inventing the Internet
Abbate, Janet
2 Sustaining the New Economy : Work, Family, and Community in the Information Age
Carnoy, Martin
2 Crypto : How the Code Rebels Beat the Government, Saving Privacy in the Digital Age
Levy, Steven
2 The Future of Ideas : The Fate of the Commons in a Connected World
Lessig, Lawrence
2 Can Patents Deter Innovation? The Anticommons in Biomedical Research
Heller, Michael A., Eisenberg, Rebecca S.
2 Programming Pearls
Bentley, Jon Louis
1 The Ethical Aftermath of Automation
Quinn, Francis X., Ed
1 The Life of John Locke, With Extracts From His Correspondence, Journals, and Common-Place Books
King, Peter King, Lord, 1776-1833
1 Paradise Lost
Milton, John, 1608-1674
1 A History of Western Music
Grout, Donald Jay
1 Tennessee, Cry of the Heart
Rader, Dotson
1 Utopia
More, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535
1 Anatomy of Criticism : Four Essays
Frye, Northrop
1 The Mythical Man-Month : Essays on Software Engineering
Brooks, Frederick P. (Frederick Phillips)
1 The Soul of a New Machine
Kidder, Tracy
1 On the Art of Writing
Quiller-Couch, Arthur Thomas, Sir, 1863-1944
1 Ecology of Inland Waters and Estuaries
Reid, George Kell
1 Inside Las Vegas
Puzo, Mario, 1920-1999
1 The Museums of Israel
Rahmani, L. Y.
1 Philosophical Investigations
Wittgenstein, Ludwig, 1889-1951
1 The Codebreakers; The Story of Secret Writing
Kahn, David, 1930
1 East of Home
Rama Rau, Santha, 1923
1 Power, Action, and Interaction; Readings on International Politics
Quester, George H., Comp
1 Diaries 1920-1922
Brecht, Bertolt, 1898-1956
1 Ownership of the Image : Elements for a Marxist Theory of Law
Edelman, Bernard
1 The Illustrated Directory of Film Stars
Quinlan, David
1 John Singer Sargent
Ratcliff, Carter
1 Mathematical Logic
Quine, W. V. (Willard Van Orman)
1 Militarism and the World Military Order : A Study Guide for Churches
Regehr, Ernie
1 Cabot Wright Begins
Purdy, James
1 Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down
Reed, Ishmael, 1938
1 Chief Works
Spinoza, Benedictus De, 1632-1677
1 The Encyclopedia of the Music Business
Rachlin, Harvey
1 Brave Men
Pyle, Ernie, 1900-1945
1 Tosca : Opera in Three Acts
Puccini, Giacomo, 1858-1924
1 Private Presses and Their Books
Ransom, Will, 1878-1955
1 The Rise of Scientific Philosophy
Reichenbach, Hans, 1891-1953
1 Recovery of Faith
Radhakrishnan, S. (Sarvepalli), 1888-1975
1 The Yearling
Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan, 1896-1953
1 La Fanciulla Del West = the Girl of the Golden West
Puccini, Giacomo, 1858-1924
1 The Browning Version
Rattigan, Terence
1 The Martyrdom of Man
Reade, William Winwood, 1838-1875
1 An Introduction to the Industrial and Social History of England
Cheyney, Edward Potts, 1861-1947
1 Remember the House
Rama Rau, Santha, 1923
1 Psychology; Or, a View of the Human Soul, Including Anthropology, Adapted for the Use of Colleges
Rauch, Friedrich August, 1806-1841
1 Understanding Public-Key Infrastructure : Concepts, Standards, and Deployment Considerations
Adams, Carlisle, 1961
1 Using Microsoft Project 2000
Pyron, Tim
1 Network Intrusion Detection
Northcutt, Stephen
1 Efficient C : Performance Programming Techniques
Bulka, Dov
1 Sendmail
Costales, Bryan
1 Extreme Programming Explained : Embrace Change
Beck, Kent
1 DNS and BIND
Liu, Cricket
1 Within the Capes
Pyle, Howard, 1853-1911
1 Nothing Is Impossible : Reflections on a New Life
Reeve, Christopher, 1952-2004
1 The Public Domain : Enclosing the Commons of the Mind
Boyle, James, 1959
1 Werke
Chamisso, Adelbert Von, 1781-1838
1 Differential Equations
Reddick, Harry W. (Harry Wilfred), 1883
1 Alchemy of a Leader : Combining Western and Japanese Management Skills to Transform Your Company
Rehfeld, John E., 1940
1 Flower of the Dusk
Reed, Myrtle, 1874-1911
1 My First White Friend : Confessions on Race, Love, and Forgiveness
Raybon, Patricia
1 Getting Partnering Right : How Market Leaders Are Creating Long-Term Competitive Advantage
Rackham, Neil
1 The 5-Day Miracle Diet : Conquer Food Cravings, Lose Weight, and Feel Better Than You Ever Have in Your Life
Puhn, Adele
1 Malficeli
Rebald, Aimé
1 The York Road
Reese, Lizette Woodworth, 1856-1935
1 Shamans, Software, and Spleens : Law and the Construction of the Information Society
Boyle, James
1 The Highwayman
Rawlence, Guy, 1888
1 C++ Primer
Lippman, Stanley B.
1 DNS and BIND
Albitz, Paul
1 Bridges of Central Park
Reed, Henry Hope
1 Belle Starr : "The Bandit Queen
Rascoe, Burton, 1892-1957
1 Ray Charles : Man and Music
Lydon, Michael
1 The Celestine Prophecy : An Adventure
Redfield, James
1 Village School
Read, Miss
1 The History of Home
Quintana, Leroy
1 Oeuvres
Racine, Louis, 1692-1763
1 Fifty Years of English Song. Selections From the Poets of the Reign of Victoria
Randolph, Henry Fitz, 1856-1892, Ed
1 The Oxford Book of English Verse, 1250-1900
Quiller-Couch, Arthur Thomas, Sir, 1863-1944, Ed
1 Reinforced Concrete in Architecture
Raafat, Aly Ahmed
1 Hackers
Levy, Steven
1 Heavy Weather
Sterling, Bruce
1 The Rosenberg File
Radosh, Ronald
1 Elementary Photography
Quarles, Gilford Godfrey, 1909
1 Exit to Eden
Rice, Anne, 1941
1 Order Without Law : How Neighbors Settle Disputes
Ellickson, Robert C.
1 Making the Most of Your Money
Quinn, Jane Bryant
1 Internetworking With TCP/IP
Comer, Douglas
1 Making the Most of Your Money : Smart Ways to Create Wealth and Plan Your Finances in the '90s
Quinn, Jane Bryant
1 A Garden of Pomegranates; An Outline of the Qabalah
Regardie, Israel
1 The Racial Myth
Radin, Paul, 1883-1959
1 21 Engravings
Bewick, Thomas, 1753-1828
1 The Outnation : A Search for the Soul of Japan
Rauch, Jonathan, 1960
1 Madama Butterfly; Opera in Three Acts
Puccini, Giacomo, 1858-1924
1 Slightly Shady
Quick, Amanda
1 T.S. Eliot
Raine, Craig
1 A Garden of Pomegranates : Skrying on the Tree of Life
Regardie, Israel
1 On Ice
Ramus, David
1 Digital Copyright : Protecting Intellectual Property on the Internet
Litman, Jessica, 1953
1 Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace
Lessig, Lawrence
1 The Nature of the Intellectual Property Clause : A Study in Historical Perspective
Walterscheid, Edward C.
1 Expectations Investing : Reading Stock Prices for Better Returns
Rappaport, Alfred
1 Modern C++ Design : Generic Programming and Design Patterns Applied
Alexandrescu, Andrei
1 Scourge : The Once and Future Threat of Smallpox
Tucker, Jonathan B.
1 Hacking Exposed : Network Security Secrets & Solutions
Scambray, Joel
1 The Great Transformation : The Political and Economic Origins of Our Time
Polanyi, Karl, 1886-1964
1 The Future of Success
Reich, Robert B.
1 Soul: A Historical Reconstruction of Continuity and Change in Black Popular Music
Stephens, Robert W.
1 The Second Enclosure Movement and the Construction of the Public Domain
Boyle, James
1 Creative Reading
Litman, Jessica
1 Recognizing the Public Domain
Lange, David
1 Transcendental Nonsense and the Functional Approach
Cohen, Felix S.
1 Pirates of the Information Infrastructure: Blackstonian Copyright and the First Amendment
Travis, Hannibal
1 The Nature and Function of the Patent System
Kitch, Edmund W.
1 The World Bank at the Millennium
Stiglitz, Joseph E.
1 The Private and Social Value of Information and the Reward to Inventive Activity
Hirshleifer, Jack
1 The Internet Under Siege
Lessig, Lawrence
1 Art and Industry: The Principles of Industrial Design
Read, Herbert Edward, Sir, 1893-1968
1 The Opium Eater
De Quincey, Thomas, 1785-1859
1 Cryptography : Theory and Practice
Stinson, Douglas R. (Douglas Robert), 1956
1 Griechische Mythen in Christlicher Deutung
Rahner, Hugo, 1900-1968
1 The Virginia Housewife
Randolph, Mary, 1762-1828
1 The Lord of the Rings
Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973
1 To Myself : Notes on Life, Art and Artists
Redon, Odilon, 1840-1916
1 The English Country Town
Quiney, Anthony, 1935
1 The Life and Letters of Lord Macaulay
Trevelyan, George Otto, 1838-1928
1 Polonaises
Chopin, Frédéric, 1810-1849
1 Narrow Rooms
Purdy, James
1 The Fountainhead
Rand, Ayn
1 La Fanciulla Del West
Puccini, Giacomo, 1858-1924
1 U.S. Nuclear Weapons in Europe : Issues and Alternatives
Record, Jeffrey
1 The C Programming Language
Kernighan, Brian W.
1 The Logic of Collective Action : Public Goods and the Theory of Groups
Olson, Mancur
1 Common Field and Enclosure in England, 1450-1850
Yelling, J. A. (James Alfred), 1940
1 Gargantua
Rabelais, François, Approximately 1490-1553
1 Revolution and Political Leadership: Algeria, 1954-1968
Quandt, William B.
1 Flim-Flam! : Psychics, ESP, Unicorns, and Other Delusions
Randi, James
1 Advanced Mathematics for Engineers
Reddick, Harry W. (Harry Wilfred), 1883
1 The English Romantic Poets, a Review of Research
Raysor, Thomas Middleton, 1895- Ed
1 The Histories of Gargantua and Pantagruel
Rabelais, François, Approximately 1490-1553
1 The New Left : The Anti-Industrial Revolution
Rand, Ayn
1 The Story of the American Indian
Radin, Paul, 1883-1959
1 The Virginia Housewife : Or, Methodical Cook
Randolph, Mary, 1762-1828
1 Bodies and Souls : A Novel
Rechy, John
1 City of Night
Rechy, John
1 Ethics
Spinoza, Benedictus De, 1632-1677
1 For the Record : From Wall Street to Washington
Regan, Donald T.
1 The Godfather
Puzo, Mario, 1920-1999
1 South Moon Under
Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan, 1896-1953
1 Vineland
Pynchon, Thomas
1 The Black Album
Jay-Z, 1969
1 Visual Modeling With Rational Rose 2000 and UML
Quatrani, Terry
1 Living Out Loud
Quindlen, Anna
1 The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It
Zittrain, Jonathan (Jonathan L.), 1969
1 63 : Dream Palace
Purdy, James
1 True Believers : The Tragic Inner Life of Sports Fans
Queenan, Joe
1 Funk : The Music, the People, and the Rhythm of the One
Vincent, Rickey
1 The Celestine Prophecy : An Experiential Guide
Redfield, James
1 Il Supplente
Puccinelli, Fabrizio, 1936-1992
1 Tao : The Chinese Philosophy of Time and Change
Rawson, Philip S.
1 The Fortunate Pilgrim
Puzo, Mario, 1920-1999
1 Quarter Notes and Bank Notes : The Economics of Music Composition in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
Scherer, F. M. (Frederic M.)
1 Free Culture : How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity
Lessig, Lawrence
1 The Spanish Cape Mystery
Queen, Ellery
1 The Wild Girls Club : Tales From Below the Belt
Radakovich, Anka
1 Beautiful America
Quinn, Vernon, 1881-1962
1 Fads and Feeding
Read, C. Stanford (Charles Stanford), 1871
1 The Art of Pocahontas
Rebello, Stephen
1 Restaurant Design 3
Radice, Judi
1 Gentle Greaves
Raymond, Ernest, 1888
1 A Passage to India : A Play
Rama Rau, Santha, 1923
1 Our Language
Johnson, Roy Ivan
1 Computer Networking : A Top-Down Approach
Kurose, James F.
1 The Life of Nelson A. Rockefeller : Worlds to Conquer, 1908-1958
Reich, Cary
1 Mason & Dixon
Pynchon, Thomas
1 Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings : An American Controversy
Gordon-Reed, Annette
1 Numbered Account
Reich, Christopher
1 Web Security & Commerce
Garfinkel, Simson
1 10 Days That Shook the World
Reed, John, 1887-1920
1 Treasures of Eton College Library : 550 Years of Collecting
Quarrie, Paul
1 Hegel
Heidegger, Martin, 1889-1976
1 Americans at Risk : Why We Are Not Prepared for Megadisasters and What We Can Do Now
Redlener, Irwin
1 The End of Privacy
Sykes, Charles J., 1954
1 Free for All : How Linux and the Free Software Movement Undercut the High-Tech Titans
Wayner, Peter, 1964
1 Secrets and Lies : Digital Security in a Networked World
Schneier, Bruce, 1963
1 Copyright and a Democratic Civil Society
Netanel, Neil
1 The Revenant
Punke, Michael
1 Owning Culture : Authorship, Ownership, and Intellectual Property Law
McLeod, Kembrew, 1970
1 The Wind Done Gone
Randall, Alice, 1959
1 Eureka
Diehl, William