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Man Against Microbe

Bigger, Joseph Warwick, 1891-1951

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Texts assigned with Man Against Microbe:

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2 Textbook of Materia Medica
Blumgarten, A. S. (Aaron Samuel), 1884-1958
2 Materia Medica for Nurses
Blumgarten, A. S. (Aaron Samuel), 1884-1958
2 The New Jewish Cuisine
Berkowitz, Gila
2 The Velveteen Rabbit : Or, How Toys Become Real
Bianco, Margery Williams, 1881-1944
2 The Empowered Manager : Positive Political Skills at Work
Block, Peter
2 A Good Enough Parent : A Book on Child-Rearing
Bettelheim, Bruno
2 Brooks Adams; A Biography
Beringause, Arthur F., 1919
2 The Changing World in Plays and Theatre
Block, Anita Cahn
2 Lupus, the Body Against Itself
Blau, Sheldon Paul, 1935
2 Plant Physiology
Bidwell, R. G. S. (Roger Grafton Shelford), 1927
2 Lorna Doone, a Romance of Exmoor
Blackmore, R. D. (Richard Doddridge), 1825-1900
2 Pictures From English History, by the Great Historical Artists
Bishop, Coleman E., Comp. And Ed
2 Textbook of Materia Medica and Therapeutics
Blumgarten, A. S. (Aaron Samuel), 1884-1958
2 Doctor Squibb; The Life and Times of a Rugged Idealist
Blochman, Lawrence Goldtree, 1900
2 Women in Their Beds : New and Selected Stories
Berriault, Gina
2 The Story of the Gypsies
Bercovici, Konrad, 1882-1961
2 Persons and Places
Benton, Joel, 1832-1911
2 Homeless Paintings of the Renaissance
Berenson, Bernard, 1865-1959
2 Journey Into Wonder
Berrill, N. J. (Norman John), 1903-1996
2 After the Civil War; A Pictorial Profile of America From 1865 to 1900
Blay, John S.
2 Trial of a City, and Other Verse
Birney, Earle, 1904-1995
2 Mrs. Hulett
Bloch, Bertram, 1892-1987
2 Segmental Neuralgia in Painful Syndromes
Judovich, Bernard Davis, 1904
2 The Eye and Its Diseases
Berens, Conrad, 1889-1963
2 Essentials of Fluid Balance
Black, Douglas, Sir
2 Doctor Spock : Biography of a Conservative Radical
Bloom, Lynn Z., 1934
2 The Fine Art of Public Worship
Blackwood, Andrew Watterson, 1882
2 Second Careers : New Ways to Work After 50
Bird, Caroline
2 Heroes of Israel
Blaikie, William Garden, 1820-1899
2 In the Trail of the Wind; American Indian Poems and Ritual Orations
Bierhorst, John. Comp
2 Scarlet Feather
Binchy, Maeve
2 E. Southworth: 1826-1923
Bliss, Charles
2 The Hymn Tune Mystery
Birmingham, George A., 1865-1950
2 Lives of Our Own : Secrets of Salty Old Women
Bird, Caroline
2 Flames Across the Border : 1813-1814
Berton, Pierre, 1920-2004
2 Practical Dietetics for Adults and Children in Health and Disease
Blum, Sanford, 1873
2 The Religious Roots of Rebellion : Christians in Central American Revolutions
Berryman, Phillip
2 The Fire Eater
Berkowitz, Henry Joseph, 1894
2 Forty Fruitful Years
Betts, Frederick William, 1858-1932
2 English Poets of the Eighteenth Century
Bernbaum, Ernest, 1879-1958
2 The Theatre of Commitment, and Other Essays on Drama in Our Society
Bentley, Eric, 1916
2 The History and Present State of Virginia
Beverley, Robert, Approximately 1673-1722
2 The Garden Clinic : Care and Cultivation of Garden Favorites
Blair, Laurence
2 Junior Miss
Benson, Sally, 1900-1972
2 Anglish-Yinglish : Yiddish in American Life and Literature
Bluestein, Gene, 1928
2 Songs From Vagabondia
Carman, Bliss, 1861-1929
2 National Unification and Economic Development in Vietnam
Beresford, Melanie
2 The Five Chinese Brothers
Bishop, Claire Huchet
2 The Book of Light
Blake, Michelle
2 Vincent Van Gogh, Un Portrait
Beucken, Jean De, 1905
2 The Story of Geology
Benson, Allan L. (Allan Louis), 1871-1940
2 Timeless Healing : The Power and Biology of Belief
Benson, Herbert, 1935
2 Time and Chance; Adventures With People and Print
Black, Alexander, 1859-1940
2 Your Brain and Its Story
Berry, Richard James Arthur, 1867
2 Litholapaxy, Or, Rapid Lithotrity With Evacuation
Bigelow, Henry Jacob, 1818-1890
2 Diabetes and Insulin and the Lipotropic Factors
Best, Charles Herbert, 1899-1978
2 Rapid Lithotrity With Evacuation
Bigelow, Henry Jacob, 1818-1890
2 Whole Child, Whole Parent
Berends, Polly Berrien
2 German One : A Cultural Approach
Bihl, Josef Konrad Ludwig, 1892
2 Forceps, Fin and Feather
Bigelow, Wilfred Abram
2 Media Research Techniques
Berger, Arthur Asa, 1933
2 Talking With Patients
Bird, Brian
2 Essentials of Histology
Bevelander, Gerrit, 1905
2 How Art Becomes History : Essays on Art, Society, and Culture in Post-New Deal America
Berger, Maurice
2 Surgical Diseases of the Chest
Blades, Brian Brewer, 1906-1977, Ed
2 The Adrenal Cortex: A Scope Monograph
Bethune, John E.
2 Dermatology
Pillsbury, Donald Marion, 1902
2 The Indomitable Mrs. Trollope
Bigland, Eileen
2 Geoffery Castleton, Passenger; A Romance of the Little Things
Blaker, Richard, 1893-1940
2 Aesthetics and History
Berenson, Bernard, 1865-1959
2 The Healing Art and the Claims of Vivisection
Berdoe, Edward, 1836-1916
2 An Epitome of Ambulant Proctology
Blanchard, Charles Elton, 1868
2 Quentins
Binchy, Maeve
2 The Crisis in Morals : An Examination of Rational Ethics in the Light of Modern Science]
Bixby, James Thompson, 1843-1921
2 Countdown to Space War
Jasani, Bhupendra
2 Confessions
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo
2 Among Women
Bernikow, Louise, 1940
2 Liberation Theology : Essential Facts About the Revolutionary Movement in Latin America--And Beyond
Berryman, Phillip
2 Unity in Diversity; Italian Communism and the Communist World
Blackmer, Donald L. M.
2 The Human Consequences of Urbanisation; Divergent Paths in the Urban Experience of the Twentieth Century
Berry, Brian Joe Lobley, 1934
2 Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis
Birmingham, Stephen
2 In Place of Fear
Bevan, Aneurin, 1897-1960
2 Education in Israel
Bentwich, Joseph Solomon, 1902
2 The Children of the Dream
Bettelheim, Bruno
2 The Case Against Direct Election of the President : A Defense of the Electoral College
Best, Judith
2 The Doctor and His Patient; A Sociological Interpretation
Bloom, Samuel William, 1921
2 The Upton Letters
Benson, Arthur Christopher, 1862-1925
2 Gynecology : Medical and Surgical
Bland, Pascal Brooke, 1875
2 Versailles Twenty Years After
Birdsall, Paul
2 Gifts and Ministries
Bittlinger, Arnold, 1928
2 Great Stars of the American Stage, a Pictorial Record
Blum, Daniel C.
2 Etruscan Art
Bloch, Raymond, 1914
2 The Old Wives' Tale
Bennett, Arnold, 1867-1931
2 The Boyfriend School
Bird, Sarah
2 Medicine in Virginia in the Seventeenth Century
Blanton, Wyndham Bolling, 1890-1960
2 Radiologic Studies of the Gravid Uterus
Bishop, Paul Arthur, 1896
2 Auguries
Binyon, Laurence, 1869-1943
2 Pioneer Work in Opening the Medical Profession to Women
Blackwell, Elizabeth, 1821-1910
2 This Is Nova Scotia
Bird, Will R. (Will Richard), 1891-1984
2 The Coast of Adventure
Bindloss, Harold, 1866-1945
2 Floridays
Blanding, Don, 1894-1957
2 Teach Me About Potty Training
Berry, Joy Wilt
2 A Friend With the Countersign
Benson, B. K. (Blackwood Ketcham), 1845
2 Handbook of Hygiene : For Students and Practitioners of Medicine
Bigger, Joseph Warwick, 1891-1951
2 The Clinical Use of Radioactive Isotopes
Low-Beer, Bertram v. A.
2 Beginning German
Bierwirth, H. C. (Heinrich Conrad), 1853-1940
2 Are You Now or Have You Ever Been
Bentley, Eric, 1916- Author
2 Pavilions of the Heart : The Four Walls of Love
Blanch, Lesley
2 Mount Zion : Or, in Touch With the Infinite
Betjeman, John, 1906-1984
2 This Is My Life
Bjorn, Thyra Ferré
2 German Pronunciation and Phonology
Bithell, Jethro, 1878-1962
2 New Directions in Human Genetics; A Symposium
Bergsma, Daniel, Ed
2 An Introduction to Functional Histology
Bourne, Geoffrey H. (Geoffrey Howard), 1909-1988
2 A Voyage to the Moon
Cyrano De Bergerac, 1619-1655
2 Form and Idea; Thirty Essays for College Study
Bloomfield, Morton W. (Morton Wilfred), 1913-1987, Ed
2 Paris Nights, and Other Impressions of Places and People
Bennett, Arnold, 1867-1931
2 An Introduction to Systemic Linguistics
Berry, H. Margaret
2 Handbook]
National Gallery of Art (U.S.)
2 What Wildflower Is That
Blombery, Alec M. (Alec Morris)
2 Young Japan: Yokohama and Yedo, 1858-79
Black, John Reddie, 1827-1880
2 Diagnosis of Cardio-Vascular Diseases
Berger, Henry Irving, 1887
2 Notebooks, 1960-1977
Fugard, Athol
2 Aviation Medicine : Its Theory and Application
Bergin, Kenneth G.
2 The Control of Oil
Blair, John Malcolm, 1914
2 Never Too Late
Smith, Ellen, 1907
2 Once in Europa
Berger, John
2 Single Women Alone & Together
Bequaert, Lucia H.
2 Home Is the Sailor; The Story of an American Seaman
Myers, Beth McHenry, 1910
2 Interpreting Personality Theories
Bischof, Ledford J.
2 Smoking and Health : A Comprehensive Bibliography
Berton, Alberta D., 1916
2 Essays About Men, Women, and Books
Birrell, Augustine, 1850-1933
2 Six Existentialist Thinkers
Blackham, H. J. (Harold John), 1903-2009
2 Emotional Problems of the Student
Blaine, Graham Burt
2 Elizabethan and Seventeenth-Century Lyrics
Black, Matthew Wilson, 1895- Comp
2 History of the People of the Netherlands
Blok, P. J. (Petrus Johannes), 1855-1929
2 Homosexuality; Disease or Way of Life
Bergler, Edmund, 1899-1962
2 Kabbalah and Criticism
Bloom, Harold
2 Ring of Fire
Blair, Lawrence
2 The Life of Henry Moore
Berthoud, Roger, 1934
2 Queen Lucia
Benson, E. F. (Edward Frederic), 1867-1940
2 The Civil War; A Pictorial Profile
Blay, John S.
2 History Taking
Blumer, George, 1872
2 Bishop Hugh Montefiore
Peart-Binns, John Stuart
2 Anthologia Lyrica Continens Theognim, Babrium, Anacreontea Cum Ceterorum Poetarum Reliquiis Selectis
Bergk, Theodor, 1812-1881
2 Lorna Doone
Blackmore, R. D. (Richard Doddridge), 1825-1900
2 The Great Blue Heron : And Other Poems
Berry, Violetta Lansdale
2 The History of the American Working Class
Bimba, Anthony
2 A Preliminary Study of the Interpretation of Bodily Expression
Blake, William Harold, 1885
2 Toward Better Personal Adjustment
Bernard, Harold W. (Harold Wright), 1908
2 Political Parties in American History
Bernhard, Winfred E. A. Comp
2 Winking at the Brim
Berkeley, Mary Emlen Lloyd, Countess of Berkeley
2 Managing the Total Quality Transformation
Berry, Thomas H.
2 Care of the Mentally Retarded
Blackwell, Marian Willard
2 A Door Ajar
Benton, Josephine Moffett
2 A Ring of Bells; Poems
Betjeman, John, 1906-1984
2 Normandy Picturesque
Blackburn, Henry, 1830-1897
2 The Lady With a Lamp
Berkeley, Reginald, 1890-1935
2 A Perfect Arrangement : A Novel
Berne, Suzanne
2 The Smithsonian
Abbot, Charles G., Bodine, John W.
2 Handbook of Orthopaedic Surgery
Brashear, H. Robert, 1921
2 The Soviet Paradox : External Expansion, Internal Decline
Bialer, Seweryn
2 A Home for the Heart
Bettelheim, Bruno
2 As We Were : A Victorian Peep-Show
Benson, E. F. (Edward Frederic), 1867-1940
2 The Balance Sheet of the Future
Bevin, Ernest, 1881-1951
2 The Structure and Function of Enzymes
Bernhard, Sidney A., 1927
2 American Freedom and Catholic Power
Blanshard, Paul, 1892-1980
2 The Physical Basis of Life
Bernal, J. D. (John Desmond), 1901
2 Racial Oppression in America
Blauner, Bob
2 Man From the Farthest Past
Bishop, Carl Whiting, 1881-1942
2 Tudor Drama and Politics; A Critical Approach to Topical Meaning
Bevington, David M.
2 The Law of Return : A Novel
Bloch, Alice, 1947
2 Jamesian Ambiguity and the the Sacred Fount
Blackall, Jean Frantz
2 The Practice of Self-Culture
Black, Hugh, 1868
2 The Fields and Methods of Sociology
Bernard, L. L. (Luther Lee), 1881-1951 Ed
2 Atheism in Christianity; The Religion of the Exodus and the Kingdom
Bloch, Ernst, 1885-1977
2 I Have Called You Friends-- : Sacramental, Theological, and Existential Aspects of Priestly Fraternity
Bertola, Carlo
2 On Her Own
Bliven, Naomi
2 Encyclopedic Diagnosis of Nervous and Mental Diseases
Berger, Henry Irving, 1887
2 Art for Children
Berry, Ana M.
2 The Arch of Spring
Bliss, Paul Southworth, 1889
2 Prothrombin Deficiency
Biggs, Rosemary
2 Jerusalem Under the High-Priests : Five Lectures on the Period Between Nehemiah and the New Testament
Bevan, Edwyn Robert, 1870-1943
2 My Recollections of Wellington College
Berkeley, G. F.-H. (George Fitz-Hardinge), 1870
2 Secondary and Middle School Teachers in the Midst of Reform : Common Thread Cases
Bliss, Traci
2 The Celebration of Scandal : Toward the Sublime in Victorian Urban Fiction
Bernstein, Carol L., 1933
2 Architectural Contract Document Production
Berg, Thomas, 1944
2 The Human Venture in Sex, Love, and Marriage
Bertocci, Peter Anthony
2 Warp Speed : America in the Age of Mixed Media
Kovach, Bill
1 Vicious Circles in Sociology and Their Treatment
Hurry, Jamieson B. (Jamieson Boyd), 1857-1930
1 Mefistofele
Boito, Arrigo, 1842-1918
1 Pasteur
Vallery-Radot, Maurice
1 Mycoses and Practical Mycology : A Handbook for Students and Practitioners
Gohar, N. (Nazmi)
1 Recent Progress in Parasitology
Ward, Henry Baldwin, 1865-1945
1 Sammlung Kleiner Schriften Zur Neurosenlehre
Freud, Sigmund, 1856-1939
1 Another You
Beattie, Ann
1 Essentials of Physiology
Bainbridge, Francis Arthur, 1874-1921
1 Diseases of the Kidney
Ball, W. Girling (William Girling)
1 Pathogenese Der Tuberkulose
Bartel, Julius, 1874-1925
1 The Grandes Dames
Birmingham, Stephen
1 A Question of Madness
Medvedev, Zhores A., 1925